CowManager Dashboard from CowManager

CowManager, an ear sensor system that provides information about fertility, health and nutrition, is pleased to introduce a new, intuitive dashboard that adds improved functionality and ease of use.

The new desktop dashboard provides at-a-glance insights, helping producers receive real-time cow information at their fingertips. “Our new dashboard converts collected cow data into clear graphs and alerts that are immediately available in a single overview,” says Gerard Griffioen, owner of CowManager and developer of the cow monitoring system.

Drag-and-drop options allow users to create a personalized dashboard to match specific needs of the operation. “You can put together your personal home screen so it suits your priorities and how you work,” Griffioen says. “The customized screen can also be set as the default homepage.”

Learn more at the CowManager website.


Photo courtesy of Bimeda.

BOVitalize from Bimeda

Bimeda Inc. has recently launched BOVitalize in the US. BOVitalize is an oral vitamin and mineral supplement for beef and dairy cows, bulls and ruminating calves.


BOVitalize contains selenium, copper, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E. The product was specifically designed to complement operations’ existing nutrition program to provide key trace mineral fortification to support cattle productivity during stressful events in their lifetimes – like calving, breeding, branding, weaning, transport and processing – where the bioavailability of nutrients can be negatively affected.

BOVitalize is administered to cattle as a single oral dose of 5 milliliters per 220 pounds of bodyweight and is available in 1- and 4-liter jugs..

Learn more at the Bimeda website.


Photo courtesy of Precision Livestock Technologies.

AI-powered feeding recommendations from Precision Livestock Technologies

Precision Livestock Technologies (PLT), a leading provider of software and hardware solutions related to livestock feeding and health, has introduced the first system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict cattle feed intake and make feeding recommendations. The system generates daily quantitative feeding predictions based on hundreds of data points gathered from PLT's machine vision Bunk Management System and external data sources, taking into account feeding rates, feeding times, feeding cycles, cattle behavior, ration type, weather and other factors. The company developed its AI-based algorithms through machine learning techniques, based on over 150,000 discrete pen days.

The system replicates the capabilities of a hyper-observant and highly trained cattle feeding professional. Using the system, PLT clients can both automate feeding decisions and give their employees an expert system against which to check assumptions and make corrections before costly mistakes are made. Rather than apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach, the technology is configured to allow PLT to efficiently tune the output to match specific feeding protocols.

Learn more at the Precision Livestock Technologies website.


Photo courtesy of Smidley Mfg.

Cattleman’s Feeder from Smidley Mfg.

Smidley Mfg. Inc. recently added another member to their lineup of wood and stainless steel livestock feeding and watering products – the Cattleman’s Feeder.

The new Cattleman’s Feeder is the perfect size for the specialty cattleman grower with 10 to 25 head. This unit includes all the best and most popular features of their Steer Stuffers, such as the confinement package and stainless steel bottom. This double-sided feeder includes the Smidley long-lasting agitator and two-piece roof.

Learn more at the Smidley Mfg. website.


Photo courtesy of Merck Animal Health.

Allflex CleanVax nozzles and shields from Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health recently announced new Allflex CleanVax nozzles and shields for clean, fast and convenient administration of intranasal vaccines to cattle.

The CleanVax intranasal vaccination system includes shorter nozzles that are less invasive than conventional cannulas, as well as clear plastic disposable shields that can be replaced between animals or groups of animals for more hygienic administration.

The following are the advantages of the CleanVax intranasal vaccination system:

  • Calf-friendly, shorter nozzles minimize discomfort.
  • Atomizer tips ensure even distribution across mucosal surfaces and reduce product drip.
  • Easy-to-use nozzles attach to any brand of syringe or Luer lock applicator gun.
  • Hygienic shields add a layer of protection and enhance biosecurity.

Learn more at the Merck Animal Health website.