Photo courtesy of Zoetis.

Valcor from Zoetis

For cattle producers and veterinarians concerned about the efficacy of their parasite control programs, Zoetis introduces Valcor (doramectin and levamisole injection), the first and only combination endectocide in the U.S. designed for use against internal and external parasites in cattle.

Valcor is a prescription injectable product. Valcor has the strength of two active ingredients to treat and control adult stage and L4 stage of Haemonchus placei, Cooperia spp. and Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited L4), as well as the adult stage of Nematodirus helvetianus. It is also indicated for the treatment and control of lungworms, eyeworms, grubs, mange mites and sucking lice.

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Photo courtesy of C-Lock Inc.

SimpleScan from C-Lock Inc.

SimpleScan is a turnkey, internet-enabled, in situ, Sniffer concentration-type measurement system that detects metabolic gases emitted or consumed from ruminant animals, including methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). SimpleScan includes an innovative sample probe that can be placed in close proximity to the animal’s nose inside concentrate feeders, milking robots or any other location where animals congregate. It also has an optional RFID tag reading system to automatically record which individual animals are accessing the system at any given time, allowing gas concentration changes to be easily associated with specific animals.

Other sensors, like the optional head position sensor, can be added to the SimpleScan to improve data quality. SimpleScan logs data on a high-resolution, one-second basis, and the collected data are sent to a cloud-based server through a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The server then automatically processes the data to determine for each animal visit: accurate background concentrations, gas peak concentrations, number of eructations, minimum and maximum peak height, average concentrations, gas ratios and many other relevant parameters. Data can be viewed in near real-time using an online interface. All of C-Lock Inc.’s equipment is monitored by our team for data quality and to ensure all sensors are functioning properly.


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Photo courtesy of Norbrook.

Tulieve from Norbrook

Tulieve (tulathromycin injection) injectable solution is the affordable alternative to Draxxin (tulathromycin injection) injectable solution, delivering the same single-shot, rapidly absorbed, long-acting, broad-spectrum activity against an equally wide range of diseases. And thanks to our exclusive plastic bottles, there is less risk of product loss.

Additional product highlights:

  • Ready-to-use semisynthetic marcolide antibiotic
  • Low-volume dose
  • Single shot, rapidly absorbed and long-acting
  • Highly effective, broad-spectrum antibiotic
  • Plastic bottles reduce risk of product loss
  • Short meat withdrawal times – 18 days for beef, five days for swine
  • Available in 1-liter and 500-milliliter plastic hanger bottles
  • Also available in 250-milliliter and 100-milliliter plastic bottles
  • FDA approved

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Photo courtesy of IronCraft.com

X-Treme Tree Reaper from IronCraft

IronCraft LLC, formerly branded Titan Implement, introduces the X-Treme Tree Reaper, a new stout brush cutter attachment. Engineered for demanding applications, the X-Treme Tree Reaper is available with two direct drive motor options – a 16-26 gallons per minute (GPM) gear motor (case drain not required) or a 17-30 GPM bent axis piston motor (case drain required).

Robust design includes bolt-on replaceable skid shoes and a tapered deck for lower ground cutting. Three 5/8-inch AR400 blades cut dense brush, limbs and trees up to 7 inches in diameter. The non-welded blades are quick and easy to change out in the field. An optional grill and mulching teeth – which produce finer, more aesthetic output – are also available. With cutting widths of 60 inches, 72 inches and 78 inches, there is an X-Treme Tree Reaper to suit a wide range of applications and carriers.

They are ideal for on-farm clearing of pastures, land reclamation projects, clearing fencerows and commercial land clearing applications such as right-of-way clearing, cutting fire lanes and other projects where speed is desired and aesthetics are not as critical. Each unit is warranted for a full year.

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Photo courtesy of Highline Manufacturing.

AccuMix AMX1000S from Highline Manufacturing

The AccuMix model AMX1000S self-loading, self-propelled feed mixer allows one operator to perform all cattle feeding with a single machine, without leaving the seat. It is the only North American-designed and manufactured machine of its kind.

The AMX1000S boasts aggressive high-flotation tires, fully hydrostatic all-wheel drive, leaf-spring suspension for a comfortable ride; three steering modes for easy maneuvering; and two operating modes – work and travel.

More features include:

  • Self-loading arm option allows for a single operator to do all the feeding with one machine.
  • Spacious cab offers air ride, heated seats, heated front windshield, auxiliary diesel heater, sun shade, a buddy seat, standard scale head with Bluetooth capability and heated mirrors.
  • Touchscreen display and ergonomic joystick allow the operator to easily control the functions of the machine.

Learn more at the Highline website.