Fritsch introduces Power Bedding GroomerNew from Fritsch, the Power Bedding Groomer is designed to groom cattle freestalls using deep bedding. After a single pass, it breaks up hard, compressed chunks of alternative and lime bedding.

Power bedding Groomer

Unlike other groomers and rakes, our groomer does not skid over the top of compacted bedding. After continuous use, your bedding will be returned to a smoother, deep, cushy consistency. We are using the same idea as our Forage Facer, with direct-drive hydraulic wheel motors and hardened teeth. Carbide teeth are optional.

A single valve is all that is required to raise/lower the boom on the groomer and operate the rotary teeth. As more hydraulic pressure is needed to turn the motor, more down pressure is applied on the hydraulic ram.
Website: Fritsch Equipment Corp.
Booth number: TM 648

New diamond-pattern cut grooves help prevent lameness
Grandview Concrete Grooving is pleased to announce our new three-quarter-inch-wide diamond-pattern cut grooves, recommended for new or existing straw, shaving or recycled bedded barns for lameness prevention.

New diamond-pattern cut grooves help prevent lameness

Benefits of the new ¾-inch diamond-pattern grooving are reduced cull rates, zero maintenance and the most hygienic surface. Due to the fact scrapers and floors are flat, it cleans cleaner and creates increased traction, including superior traction when cows are in heat due to confidence during mounting.


Stepping up, stepping down, walking and turning are all supported, giving the cow the full traction she needs, which allows high-producing older cows to stay in the herd longer. There is peace of mind for a dairyman’s investment when it comes to his whole herd, young and old.
Website: Grandview Concrete Grooving
Booth number: AR 514

H&S 3100 Series Single-Suspension Action Rake
H&S Manufacturing, located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, has introduced the new single-suspension, high-clearance Action Rake. Available in 8-, 10- and 12-wheel models, it is the only rake on the market that features the unique “Kwik Pik” system (patent-pending) with a third hydraulic cylinder that sequences with the wing cylinders for immediate clearance of windrows.

H&S 3100 Series Single-Suspension action rake

Each spring-assist independent rake wheel features the flexibility to rake in uneven conditions, and large, heavy 7.5-millimeter, 60-inch rake wheels move the crop at a gentle speed to provide longer rake wheel bearing life. Rake wheel down pressure is adjusted by a single handle on each rake beam.
Website: H&S Mfg Co
Booth number: EH 3415-3518

Aquastar mattress combines foam and water
Bioret Agri is excited to introduce the next innovation in ideal cow comfort: Aquastar, the perfect combination of foam and water. It combines all the benefits of a latex mattress and a traditional single-chamber waterbed.

Aquastar mattress combines foam and water

It is composed of a 1.25-inch-thick foam with a seamless top cover that includes a water pouch.

Thanks to the water, the mattress reduces all pressure points and creates optimal blood circulation to maximize milk production. It is also a perfect solution for inadequate slope as the liquids are naturally evacuated when the water pouch returns to its initial shape, and it’s a solution to combat heat stress.

Through a series of scientific tests, our research and development service is studying the battle against heat stress, a source of discomfort for animals and financial loss for dairymen. The waterbed helps regulate the animal’s temperature, acting as a thermal shock absorber.
Website: Bioret-agri
Booth location: EH 3815

New Aurora NIR handheld device
The Aurora NIR, from RCI Engineering, is a handheld NIR device used for collecting constituent data on various forages and TMRs.

The benefits of this device over other units on the market are: superior accuracy with Zeiss internal components; battery powered for truly hand-held portability; better data handling with output data in multiple formats, including Bluetooth connection to an app for emailing results; and more constituents, including dry matter, starch, protein, ADF, NDF and more.
Website: RCI Engineering
Booth location: TM O