The software allows ranchers to easily record, access and secure all cattle records in one central location, helping ranchers do more with less. The software, which is accessible through any web-based browser on any smart device, uses the same inputs as traditional methods of cattle recordkeeping but makes finding, editing and sharing data easier than ever.

Securely record electronic records of current and historical inventory counts, medications administered, health logs, cull lists, animal performance and much more. Additional features include a digital calving book, interactive satellite map, offline capability and real-time collaboration.

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Bovi-Trace drench from KineticVet

KineticVet announces immediate availability of Bovi-Trace Drench for beef and dairy cattle.


Bovi-Trace Drench is specifically formulated to supply a highly available source of amino acid chelated trace mineral solution. It is designed to help normalize trace mineral levels during weaning, shipping, receiving, breeding, hauling and vaccinating. The trace minerals include amino acid chelated zinc, copper, selenium and cobalt.

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UltiGraz Pasture Weed & Feed

UltiGraz Pasture Weed & Feed from Corteva Agriscience

UltiGraz Pasture Weed & Feed makes it easy to bring the combined benefits of broadleaf weed control and fertility to grazing and haying acres.

The certified fertilizer retailer impregnates herbicide onto dry fertilizer granules (prills) during the blending process. UltiGraz Pasture Weed & Feed requires a soil-active herbicide to work. Rainfall puts the solution into the soil where weeds take up the herbicide.

UltiGraz Pasture Weed & Feed helps contain costs while enhancing productivity by eliminating an application expense and increasing forage production. Every pound of weeds controlled on pastureland and hayfields increases seasonal forage production by 1 to 1.5 pounds of desirable grass and improves utilization by grazing animals. Plus, including a herbicide helps ensure the fertilizer goes to growing grass, not weeds.

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Draxxin KP

Draxxin KP from Zoetis

Zoetis recently announced a new combination product to treat bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and control related fever: Draxxin KP (tulathromycin and ketoprofen injection) injectable solution. It’s a new single-treatment option for beef and dairy producers.

Draxxin KP adds ketoprofen, a fast-acting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), in a single treatment approved for use in beef steers, beef heifers, beef calves 2 months old and older, beef bulls, dairy bulls and dairy replacement heifers.

In one subcutaneous injection, Draxxin KP starts working fast – both products have a rapid onset – against fever and four major bacterial pathogens associated with BRD (Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida, Histophilus somni and Mycoplasma bovis).

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Knight VT 200 Series

Knight VT 200 Series Vertical Maxx twin-auger mixers from Kuhn

Kuhn Knight VT 200 Series twin-auger Vertical Maxx mixers are ideal for small to medium beef producers looking to put a quality ration in front of their animals. The VT 200 Series features multiple improvements that will provide enhanced performance and longer, more reliable service.

New updates to the VT 200 Series mid-size mixers include updated front conveyors, better door-to-floor sealing, heavier high-wear auger flighting and EZ-mate scale system. The VT 200 Series mixers range in capacity from 320 to 760 cubic feet and are available in trailer and truck configurations. Multiple configurations, single- or two-speed drive options, along with multiple discharge options, allow machines to be tailored to every feeding operation’s needs.

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Margin Trax

Margin Trax from Midcon Cattle Advisory Services

Midcon Cattle Advisory Services proudly introduces Margin Trax, the first-of-its-kind software that combines commodity pricing, hedge accounts and net margins allowing feedlot teams to track their operation’s profitability anytime and anywhere. Built by and for cattle feeders, the software is designed for practicality, simplicity and ease of use.

By wielding multiple tools on one platform, Margin Trax allows users to stay on top of what matters most: profitability. Besides calculating current margin and break-even snapshots, Margin Trax also calculates and updates future projections based on performance and commodity prices for a whole cost-to-finish analysis.

For accuracy, and to track trends, all calculations can be done by specific lots within one or multiple feeding operations. Best of all, Margin Trax is accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile device with internet access.

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Photos courtesy: of  701x, KineticVet, Corteva Agriscience, Zoetis, and Kuhn