Marchant tyrell
Editor / Progressive Cattle

On Nov. 2, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced over $223 million in grants and loans to support small to midsized meat processing facilities.

“NCBA has long advocated for expanded processing capacity to provide cattle producers with additional options for turning their cattle into high-quality beef,” said National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) senior director of government affairs, Tanner Beymer. “Today, the cattle industry needs more targeted capacity in high-need areas, and we look forward to these facilities launching and expanding operations. We appreciate USDA working with NCBA to strengthen the marketplace and support America’s cattle producers.”


The announcement is the first round of investments in additional meat processing capacity totaling $73 million across 21 grant projects. NCBA and other industry organizations have advocated for funds in the form of grants and low-interest loans to help small and midsized processing facilities open their doors and expand existing capabilities. This is all part of an effort to increase competition and strengthen the beef supply chain. In total, the federal government has announced a combined investment of $1 billion allocated to the Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program, workforce development and technical assistance.