“BioPRYNhfr-25 gives dairy and beef farmers, and heifer raisers an opportunity to increase their return on investment (ROI) by identifying open heifers earlier,” says Willy Tate, co-owner of BioTracking Inc.

A convenient and accurate tool, this test provides information to make timely, critical heifer reproductive management decisions. Having the ability to re-enroll heifers into a reproductive protocol earlier gives farmers the ability to reduce their herd’s age at first calving.

The test can also be used for beef cattle. Synchronization of the estrous cycle has the potential to shorten the calving season, increase calf uniformity and enhance the possibilities for utilizing A.I. Adding a blood pregnancy test to reproduction protocols will help determine if a heifer is open earlier.

Research in commercial settings confirms BioPRYN is 99.9 percent accurate when a heifer is identified as open 25 days post-breeding or greater. The BioPRYN test is designed to detect pregnancy-specific protein B (PSPB) in heifers as a result of their accelerated physiological response in initial development of placental tissues.

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—From BioTracking Inc. news release

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