Producers can use this as a tool to keep records and improve the herd’s overall health.

Woolsey cassidy
Managing Editor / Ag Proud – Idaho
Cassidy is a contributing editor to Progressive Cattle and Progressive Forage magazines.

The app is designed to take profile pictures of individual cows and compare them to reference photos of cows that represent the different body condition scores. The producer can determine their cows’ BCS and arrange cows in separate pastures or feed according to nutritional needs.

“It helps me be a better manager,” says Nick Rich, a cattleman in Vinton, Iowa. “We use it on our operation to identify problem areas in our cows. Since we want to make sure they are keeping their body condition this app shows us if we need to supplement them in any way.”

The app’s home screen gives producers the option to record a new BCS, manage pastures or look at records. The picture then can be taken by tapping the picture icon – horizontal orientation is the only option for scoring cows.

The photo will appear at the bottom of the screen. The pictures located above are provided for the producer to scroll through and determine a similar BCS to the cow at the bottom.


Once a similar reference photo is chosen it can be saved by pressing the save button at the top of the screen. A window will open to allow for the identification number to be recorded and any other additional notes. From here the animal is assigned to a pasture and can be referred back to by tapping on the pasture category.

“I would probably give the app an eight out of 10,” Rich says. “Only because there is always room for improvement.”

The app is available for free download on for iPad, iPhone and Android platforms.  end mark