Progressive Cattleman readers were asked to grade Congress on the new farm bill in a recent online survey poll. By a slim majority, more than 37 percent gave lawmakers a “D” grade, while another 36 percent gave them an “F.”

Cooper david
Managing Editor / Progressive Cattle

Slightly more than 17 percent gave Congress a “C”, but very little accolades after that. Just 5 percent gave the legislative branch an “A” and 4 percent gave a “B.”

The new farm bill was passed by Congress in late January and signed into law the first week of February. The farm bill originally expired in the fall of 2012 after lawmakers could not reach a compromise in the election year, and extended provisions over a year later.

In the meantime, the government saw a temporary shutdown in fall 2013 – just as major snowstorms hit South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming wiping out thousands of livestock. Relief efforts were limited during this time due to the government shutdown.

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What grade would you give Congress and the new farm bill it passed?

  • A: 5.3%

  • B: 4%

  • C: 17.3%

  • D: 37.4%

  • F: 36%