It is also especially useful to help reduce shrink during shipping, to aid hydration of adult cows after calving and for cattle experiencing dehydration in the hospital pen due to crowding or other conditions.

When combined with water, Bovine GoldLyte® is a potent source of electrolytes, chelated trace minerals and kelp, which aids hydration.

Bovine GoldLyte® is easy to use. One pound is mixed with five gallons of water to create a stock solution. This solution is then added to a water tank (200 gallons, or the amount of water consumed by 50 head daily) for growing cattle.

For adult dairy cattle, mix 1/4 pound of Bovine GoldLyte® in a five-gallon pail of water and allow the cow to drink it or, if needed, drench the cow.

Bovine GoldLyte® is palatable, so cattle like the taste and readily drink it. Bio-Vet has also reduced the price on Bovine GoldLyte®, making it more economical than many competitive products on the market.  end_mark


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