The Holstein Association USA, Inc. board of directors have confirmed their support of discussion draft legislation put forth by House Agriculture Committee’s Ranking Democratic member, Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota) and Congressman Mike Simpson (R-Idaho). The comprehensive draft covers three main areas:

1. Replacing current dairy product price support and Milk Income Loss Contract programs with a program to protect dairy producer income when the difference between milk and feed prices is less than the specified amount,

2. Establishing a Dairy Market Stabilization Program

3. Amending Federal Milk Marketing Orders.

The discussion draft is based on proposals developed by the dairy industry in the original Foundation For The Future (FFTF) plan.


According to Holstein Association President Chuck Worden, “The Dairy Market Stabilization part of the program is key, and a major reason for the association’s support of the program."

"We plan on continuing to work with Congressmen Peterson, Simpson, and others so that new dairy legislation can be written which will benefit all Holstein Association USA members and dairy producers nationwide.”

Holstein Association Chief Executive Officer John Meyer states, “We salute House Agriculture Committee’s Ranking Democrat member, Collin Peterson (D-MN), and Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID), for their tremendous leadership in putting this draft legislation forward."

"It is encouraging to know that we have leaders like them in Washington D.C. working positively on behalf on U.S. dairy farmers.”

To learn more, links to a fact sheet, a detailed summary and the full version of the discussion draft can be found at PD

—Holstein Association USA news release