Rick Steger of Steger Farms in Theresa, Wisconsin, was recently interviewed for an article that ran in a variety of publications including Daily Finance and International Business Times. The article detailed the reasons and reach of the drop in milk prices, as well as the impact such drops may continue to have on the dairy industry.

How was the interview arranged?

The interview was arranged through Family Dairies, a division of FarmFirst Cooperative.

Why did you consentto the interview?

I am on an advisory committee for Family Dairies, and their public relations director asked me to do it.


Were you nervous?How did you prepare?

No, I wasn’t at all nervous. I was given about 15 minutes’ notice ahead of the phone interview, so there was no time to prepare.

rick steger

What was the most surprising thing about the interview?

The most surprising thing was that the interviewer had very little knowledge of farm prices.

Were you happywith the final product?

I felt I was quoted accurately, but was surprised that there was only a few sentences used from a 40-minute interview.

What was the most difficult question?

The questions weren’t difficult; the toughest part is making sure that what she hears from me is not interpreted too far in one direction or another.

Have you had any feedback because of the article?

Many friends, neighbors and business associates have been ribbing me that I’m an analyst.

What advice would you havefor other producers who may be doing interviews?

Try to get more time to prepare, and watch your words wisely. PD