Alltech has acquired The E-CO2 Project Limited (E-CO2) – a provider of on-farm environmental assessments and programs – to strengthen its service offering to livestock producers.

The purchase builds on the recent close business partnership forged between the two companies.

“Carbon and water efficiency are a growing issue within both the food chain and everyday life,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “The acquisition of E-CO2 underscores Alltech’s long-term commitment to strong, sustainable global agriculture, as well as to food quality and safety for an expanding population.”

For more than 17 years – initially through CMS UK Services Ltd. – E-CO2 has developed its portfolio of environmental software and services in response to the need to further understand greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and the food chain. Its clients range from small family farms to integrated livestock operations and commercial feed mills, as well as large retailers and processors that are under pressure to reduce their environmental footprint and meet government and corporate sustainability targets.

Commenting on the sale, E-CO2 managing director and co-founder Peter Darlington said Alltech was the perfect partner to take the business forward.


“Alltech believes that the future of agriculture depends on solutions that are beneficial to the animal, consumer and environment. And so do we; the E-CO2 team believes passionately that reducing the environmental impact of agriculture involves simultaneously delivering value to the farmer,” he said.

Based in Crewe in the U.K., E-CO2 will now move forward as Alltech E-CO2. Alltech E-CO2 assessments will continue to determine the environmental impact of a farm as a holistic measure of overall efficiency. Assessments will be directly linked to physical and financial performance, where custom feeding regimes and management practices can be developed to improve farm efficiency and profitability, sustainably.

The acquisition gives Alltech a greater presence on-farm and will foster improved links with state institutions, processors and retailers. Alltech E-CO2 will also make its wide range of products and services available to all of Alltech’s global offices. PD

—From Alltech news release

(Left to right.) Peter Darlington, the former managing director of E-CO2, and Steve Bourne, vice president of Alltech, celebrate Alltech’s purchase of E-CO2, a U.K.-based agri-environment firm. Photo by Elli Dean, courtesy of Alltech.