Scott Hartwell Regional Sales Representative Advanced Comfort Technology Inc. Portage, Wisconsin

What education are you bringing with you to this position?
B.S. – Business Management

Please describe your agricultural background.
My grandfather was a “pony man,” and I have many fond memories of times on my grandparents’ farmette. As an adult, I followed a path that took me first to the U.S. Navy, and then into various manufacturing leadership roles. Most recently, I led a video production and marketing company that produced a weekly dairy series for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (Wisconsin Dairy News) as well as some longer-form productions (Discover Wisconsin – America’s Dairyland). Admittedly atypical, this was my immersion in dairy.

What territory will you cover?
My territory includes the southern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, and then further north into Ontario and Quebec.

What are your new responsibilities?
My primary responsibility is to establish and develop dealerships in my territory. We value and respect the relationships that producers have with their dairy service suppliers, so we work through those dealers to share how DCC Waterbeds can help dairy producers deal with some of their day-to-day bedding challenges. I’ll also have a regular presence on farms, at industry gatherings and at teaching events.


What previous positions have you held?
I’ve held positions including facility and maintenance manager, purchasing manager, plant manager, engineering manager, director of operations and general manager. My time in industry has ranged from clean room medical product manufacturing to molten metal foundries, and my hands-on approach to leading kept me close to the process. Much of my focus was on improving production efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Who has made the biggest impact on your career?
My first job out of the Navy took me to Portage, Wisconsin. There, I was hired by a plant manager who became a mentor to me. He empowered me to make important decisions and trusted me to think and act in the best interest of the business. When he left that company, I soon followed him and gained more great experience and responsibility, ultimately paving the way for my continued career growth.

How will you be of most help to producers in your region or area of expertise?
In all of my professional roles, I’ve had some focus on troubleshooting and problem solving. Additionally, I’ve learned the importance of listening and understanding as components of effective communication. The producers that I get the chance to interact with should expect to find me interested and curious to know about the challenges they’re facing, the goals they have and their hopes for the future. If I can help one producer have a better tomorrow, then I’ll mark that moment as a job well done.

Why did you choose this company?
I met a member of DCC Waterbeds early in 2014 and was curious about the product – especially from an engineering and manufacturing standpoint. As I learned more about the challenges that some producers face in accessing affordable, consumable bedding and understood more about the comfort and health benefits that waterbeds provide, I became increasingly excited at the thought of introducing producers to this alternate solution to their everyday bedding needs. It’s troubleshooting and problem solving just like I’ve always enjoyed.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
As I mentioned earlier, if I can help one producer have a better tomorrow, then I’ve done my job. Given the vast number of dairies in my territory, I want to help interested producers hear and learn from their peers who have already chosen waterbeds as their preferred solution. Good companies have trusted leaders and respected brand products, and I want to help DCC Waterbeds become a further part of dairy producer conversations across the continent. PD