In the state of Nevada, sale of raw milk is legal, but, at least for now, only in Nye County can residents lawfully purchase the non-pasteurized product. In neighboring Clark County, the sale of raw milk is still illegal, which, according to the Las Vegas Sun, has created a version of the black market in Las Vegas neighborhoods, operating out of minivans in driveways.

For raw milk sales to happen, said KNPR news, Nevada law calls for the creation of a county milk commission consisting of a doctor, a veterinarian and a member of the public. The commission would be responsible for the regulation of production and distribution of raw milk. Furthermore, the Sun states that inter-county transportation of raw milk is prohibited, so raw milk must be produced and sold in the same county.

Former director of the Nevada Dairy Commission, Lynn Hettrick, told the Sun she and her colleagues didn’t actually think any county would go through the bureaucratic process to approve a county milk commission, but Nye County got it done.

KNPR news stated that Clark County is going through the process to establish its own commission; however, as the proposal stands, the regulatory commission would only oversee the production and regulation of raw goat’s milk, not cow’s milk.

Tom Collins, Clark County commissioner, told the Las Vegas Sun legalizing the sale of raw cow’s milk is just too risky for Las Vegas’ reputation and the state’s dairy industry.


In May 2013, Nevada state legislators voted to legalize raw milk sales in all Nevada counties. Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed the bill in June. PD

—Summarized by Progressive Dairyman staff from cited sources