Here are some of the new products or updates to previous products that have been announced as of September 19, 2011. Return to this section of the Progressive Dairyman website periodically to find out what new products will be impacting the dairy industry.

Novus International introduces trace minerals program
With current improved trace mineral technology, dairy producers can worry less about mineral content in manure going into the environment, which is a growing issue. When using more efficient trace minerals, dairy producers can feed less mineral product and have less mineral waste through loss in excretion without sacrificing performance expectations.

Utilizing improved mineral technologies, Novus International Inc. is introducing the BioOptimized trace minerals program. With greater bioavailability, these trace minerals are more effective at mineral delivery.

This trace minerals program includes two product options: Mintrex chelated trace minerals and MAAC chelated trace minerals. Both are minerals that have the ideal ligand (or binder) for better bioavailability and greater results.

Distinct from other trace mineral products on the market, these trace minerals are chemically and structurally defined chelates with the right ligand. Many other mineral sources aren’t stable at low pH levels and release the minerals in the upper GI tract. If released too soon, these minerals are prone to absorption by antagonists, which leads to loss through excretion.


—From Novus International news release

Innovacyn launches Vetericyn livestock line


Innovacyn Inc.announced the launch of three Vetericyn products designed to meet the specific needs of the livestock market, including dairy animals. This new livestock line includes a pinkeye spray, teat spray and umbilical, navel and udder gel, all available in 16-ounce trigger-spray bottles.

The product line is a topical solution for the care of wounds, infections and irritations caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores. The no-rinse solution is steroid-free, antibiotic-free and non-toxic. In solution, these products kill 99.999 percent of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, making the products ideal for bacterial infections.

The formula found in this line of livestock products consists of oxychlorine compounds similar to those produced by the animal’s own immune system, and will not harm healthy tissue. The pH-neutral sprays and gels contain no alcohol or iodine, and do not sting when applied.

The pinkeye spray cleans wounds, accelerates healing of eye infections caused by viruses and fungi, and eliminates bacteria.

The teat spray helps control the spread of bacteria that causes bovine mastitis, promotes the healing of cracked teats and relieves teat rashes. The no-rinse formula is biocompatible and non-toxic.

The one-step umbilical, navel and udder gel debrides wounds, cleans infections and speeds healing of rashes and udder sores.

—From Innovacyn Inc. news release


IDEXX introduces new products: BVD test and bovine pregnancy test
IDEXXannounces the launch of the IDEXX SNAP BVD Test in the U.S. This simple on-farm or in-clinic test detects bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) antigen in just 20 minutes, using large ear-notch samples.

Veterinarians can use the test to quickly determine the status of individual animals or as part of a BVDV herd management program to help control the spread of BVDV in dairy herds.

The speed and simplicity of this test make it easy for veterinarians to design a complete management program to minimize the impact of BVDV.

Bovine Pregnancy Test:


IDEXX Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics announces the worldwide release of the IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test – a test whose early, accurate results help shorten calving intervals and improve reproductive performance for dairy and beef producers.

This pregnancy test accurately detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in serum or EDTA plasma just 28 days after breeding and without interference from a previous pregnancy as early as 60 days after calving. Because laboratories can run this easy-to-use ELISA in only 2.5 hours, veterinarians can count on the fast, accurate results they need to identify open cows quickly – and with confidence.

—From IDEXX Laboratories news release

Trioliet launches new mixer
Trioliet Mullos B.V. is continuing to meet the needs of markets around the world with the introduction this summer of another addition to the VLH series – the new VLH-K model.


Last year, the company introduced the VLH-C series, which has a curved front-cross conveyor chain that discharges left and right, but also elevates to feed into bunks when it is side-shifted on mixers from 280-860 cubic feet.

Now in 2011, the company adds yet another option to 280-860 cubic foot mixers with the introduction of the VLH-K series. This is a flat front-cross conveyor chain that discharges left or right and has the option of side-shift to prevent driving on the feed. All the company’s chain conveyors use a time-proven roller chain; the chain rolls around the conveyor instead of being dragged. The roller chain is quieter, requires less maintenance and wears the conveyor frame less while lasting longer than simple flat drag chains found on other mixers.

The VLH-K comes standard with the unique design of the twin-stream auger, patented trioform knives, heavy sidewalls with an additional wear ring and patented offset inserts in the Solomix 2 range.

—From Trioliet news release

Virtus Nutrition launches new product packaging
Virtus Nutrition recently unveiled new brand identities and graphic standards for its EnerGII bypass fat product and Omega Nutrition Solution program.


The new packaging graphics are intended to communicate the performance value of the company’s products, marketing managers say. The new bag materials and construction also help maintain product quality and enable customer savings by shipping more efficiently.

After more than a decade of research at universities and on dairies, the company maintains the best way to improve performance with specific fatty acids is to increase omega-6s during the transition period and supplement the diet with EPA/DHA omega-3s in the fresh and breeding time period.The company’s comprehensive Omega Nutrition Solution includes implementing its Prequel and Strata products to optimize omega-6 and omega-3 levels in the cows’ diet. PD

—From Virtus Nutrition news release