DeLaval continues its engagement in developing milk production and animal welfare in China. Eleven dairy managers from China visited DeLaval at Hamra Farm in Sweden on Aug. 19 for an introduction program to learn more about dairy farm management. This is an initiative taken by DeLaval, the Swedish University of Agriculture Science (SLU), The Ministry of Agricultural in China, China Agricultural University, BCAG (Sanyuan) and Tetra Pak; the first phase of which started already in 1984.

In the first phase of this co-operation, the main focus was on dairy processing in China; in this second phase the focus is on improving milk quality and increasing milk production. Government policy in China has planned that the country will become substantially more self-sufficient in milk production. To enable milk production the government also wants to increase the awareness of animal nutrition, breeding and welfare among dairy farmers.


The SINO Swedish Dairy Center was the very first international collaboration in training and research in the dairy industry in China. The center has also successfully developed more than 40 new dairy products based on imported technologies and equipment.

The delegation visiting DeLaval on Aug. 19, were all responsible for large herd dairy operations and will strengthen their knowledge in herd management through this program. Through the SINO Swedish Dairy Center Phase Two 50 specialist herd managers for larger farms and 500 small farm managers will be trained.

The next stage of the program is planned to be held in China focusing on further training in all the topics that were covered during these introductory weeks at SLU. PD


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