Genex Cooperative, Inc. Holstein bulls derived from the GENESIS Cooperative Herd lead the industry in genomic accuracy. These 54 Co-op prefix bulls averaged a mere $1 drop in Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) as they transitioned from genomic-only genetic evaluations in August 2010 to daughter-proven genetic evaluations in December 2011 (minimum of 40 daughters). The average change among the 1,879 bulls industrywide over the same time period was a $22 decrease.

“The numbers prove GENESIS has powerful precision,” explains Keith Heikes, Genex vice president of dairy genetics & global alliance development. “This precision is generated by unbiased testing of GENESIS females in commercial herds, extensive genomic testing of GENESIS cow families, and this cooperative’s willingness to embrace new technologies.”

GENESIS females must prove themselves in unbiased, commercial settings. They are put to work on real dairies devoid of special treatment. This allows for the identification of truly elite females and contributes to the credibility of their offspring.

Extensive genomic testing of GENESIS cow families also improves the accuracy of the genomic predictions of Co-op bulls. In most situations the bull’s dam, granddam and siblings are all genomic tested. PD


—From Genex news release