There’s more room at World Ag Expo this year. A new venue, named the Dairy Technology Center, will house an extra 130 dairy exhibits under an indoor canvas tent on the southern side of the International AgriCenter showgrounds.

The extra space means that World Ag Expo will now feature more than 600 dairy- specific exhibits. It will also increase the show’s total exhibit space to 2.5 million square feet.

“The Dairy Center has long been a high traffic, high demand location with no available space to expand. New and existing exhibitors will now have the opportunity to remodel, expand and modify their exhibits to showcase products and services in the new Dairy Technology Center,” said Shelley Khal, chairman of the 2008 Expo.

Expo officials say the expansion comes in response to long-time demand from exhibitors and attendees for more exhibit space related to dairy production. They announced last year their intent to expand the dairy section.

The opening of the Dairy Technology Center also corresponds to the one-hour extension to the expo’s show hours, now 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Expo Communications Director Beth Sequeira says that attendance is usually higher in the morning hours, so the show will open earlier to make attendance more convenient.


Jerry Sinift, manager of the International AgriCenter, said producers from all over the world will benefit from the added exhibit space.

“We look forward to the additions our exhibitors will make with more space, and the new information it will bring visitors,” Sinift said. PD