The 41st annual Dairy Practices Council Conference was held November 3-5, 2010, in Columbus, Ohio. The three-day event featured more than 15 speakers who led discussions about industry hot topics such as animal welfare, somatic cell count regulations and new technology.

At Thursday's awards luncheon and business meeting, DPC President Michael Schutz discussed challenges that the council faced this past year, including forming responses to debates over raw milk and animal welfare, particularly in the case of the Conklin dairy in Ohio.

Schutz also talked about the council's 2020 vision committee, which is focused on determining new opportunities for facilitating proper milk production procedures.


Executive Vice President Jeff Bloom highlighted some of the work the council has already done this year, including work on 57 guidelines and the creation of six new guidelines.

Following the luncheon, six separate task force meetings took place for the second time at the 2010 conference.


Each of these task force groups focused on a separate milk quality issue and were responsible for writing new guidelines, updating current guidelines and discussing the issue.

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The 2011 Dairy Practices Council Conference will be held November 2-4 in Manchester, New Hampshire. PD

TOP RIGHT: DPC President Michael Schutz addresses the crowd at the awards luncheon.
TOP LEFT: Lynn Hinckley was surprised to receive the Gene Wolff Service Award, which recognizes an active DPC member for outstanding service. Presenting the award are Executive Vice President Jeff Bloom (middle) and Philip Wolff, Director of Task Force IV: Regulatory Issues & HAACP (far right).