Pennsylvania dairy farmers making difficult business decisions after nearly two years of low milk prices and negative margins can benefit from a contribution by the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association to support the Dairy Decisions Consultant program.

Unveiled by the Center for Dairy Excellence in April 2010, the new program will receive $20,000 from the association to help cover the cost of consultants used to help individual dairy producers make future decisions for their businesses.

Twelve individuals with significant experience in doing whole farm analysis and viability studies have been identified as consultants and up to $1,500 in funding is available for each dairy farm to utilize their expertise.

The covered cost will allow dairy farm families and farm business owners to work with a consultant to evaluate the farm’s business performance, financial condition and cost of production. Together, they will explore possible scenarios for strengthening the balance sheet and improving financial performance while helping identify strategies to make the right decisions to move forward.

To participate in the Dairy Decisions Consultant program, dairy farms must apply and submit with the application a current balance sheet and income statement. All information will be kept confidential. A $175 application fee must also be submitted with the application, which will be returned if the application is not approved.


Producers applying to the program must have a demonstrated need for unique consulting services and show a sincere interest in improving herd performance and financial position. The program will fund a maximum of 15 hours, or $1,500 of time, for the consultant to spend with each individual farm business.

To download an application, or for more information about the Dairy Decision Consultant program, visit the center’s website. Click on the “DDC” logo on the middle of the home page, or call the center at (717) 346-0849 for more details.

—From Center for Dairy Excellence news release