Dairy Interactive, LLC is proud to announce the launch of its new online video series, "Details for Dairy."

"Details for Dairy" is designed to help dairy producers become better leaders and managers. Each video is hosted by Tom Wall, president of Dairy Interactive, LLC. Wall specializes in employee management consulting and training throughout the dairy industry, both on-site and online. Focused on proactive leadership and strategic employee management systems, he has been helping dairy producers overcome employee-related challenges since 2000.

In "Details for Dairy," Wall shares his expertise on topics that range from increasing parlor efficiency to improving employee management skills... essentially, the details that affect profitability and peace of mind.

Current episodes of "Details for Dairy" include "Seconds Make Minutes," "Gloves Everywhere!" and "Million Dollar Challenge." The latest episode is posted on the Dairy Interactive website and all videos can be viewed on Dairy Interactive's YouTube Channel.


—From Dairy Interactive news release