Five men, whose vocations included veterinarians, managers and professional hoof trimmers, participated in Iowa State University's Master Hoof Care Program in July. The course took place at the ISU Dairy in Ames, Iowa. Dr. Jan Shearer of the Iowa State, College of Veterinary Medicine, VDPAM was the main instructor for this course.

Participants were Cameron Eaker, Jerome Rondy, Paul Molesky, Jeff Hoeger and William Klok.

The Master Hoof Care Technician Program is a training program originally designed for health care technicians on dairy farms. However, today it is open to anyone interested in learning about foot care and claw trimming of cattle.


Trimming techniques are designed to correct claw horn overgrowth without over-trimming, balance weight bearing within and between the claws of each foot, and finally, create a stable weight bearing surface on all claws.

Participants received instruction in knife sharpening techniques and the treatment of lameness disorders including the proper application of foot blocks for relief of weight bearing in diseased or injured claws.


The next Master Hoof Care course will be held in Tennessee November 3-5, 2010.


--Information and photos provided by Leslie Shearer, Iowa State University