An undercover video shot at an Ohio dairy farm has recently been released by Mercy For Animals, an animal rights organization based in Chicago, Illinois. Here's how the dairy industry -- producers, organizations and agricultural advocates -- have been responding:

Ray-Lin Dairy blog: Different undercover footage same reaction from me:Outrage

"I firmlybelievethat the right thing to do when anyone observes another person abusing an animal they shouldimmediately stop what they are doing and confront the person or report it to their supervisor if that is not effective then make contact with someone in a regulatory capacity."

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Agvocates for Agriculture blog by Troy Hadrick: My Thoughts on the Ohio Dairy Farm Abuse Video


"All of the facts in this case will eventually come out, but on the surface the blatant abuse it shows makes no sense. Deliberately mishandling the very cows that, figuratively and literally, are putting the food on your families table is incomprehensible to say the least. Anyone who has ever handled cattle also realizes that all of the things they were doing to these cows were never going to achieve any desired results."

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American Farm Bureau Federation Facebook page

"Why aren't there standards or guidelines that dairy farmers are supposed to follow?" THERE ARE! If you want to know more about them, check out the Dairy Animal Care Program.

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Michele Payn-Knoper's blog: Dark Secrets of Farms

"The crap you see on the heinous videos from animal rights activists, like the one being released by Mercy For Animals about a Ohio dairy farm, is not what’s happening on every farm. Based upon personal experience on the dairy side of agriculture, I’d like to offer a bit of a perspective check on the 'dark secrets of farms.'”

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Texas Farm Bureau blog: Zero tolerance needed on animal abuse

"We better wake up to the fact that groups like MFA and the Humane Society of the United States and PETA are as cold-blooded in their intent to do away with animal agriculture as those who mistreat animals. They don’t care that the vast majority of producers treat their livestock right, giving proper care to maintain healthy, productive animals. They want consumers to quit eating meat. They want consumers to quit using dairy products. It’s as simple as that. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. And a few uncaring individuals in agriculture are supplying the ammunition to shoot us all."

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Orange Patch Dairy blog: Animal Abuse is NOT Acceptable!

"Please check out the video below, which I filmed tonight while I was pushing up feed and bringing in the cows to the parlor. I was fired up and decided that I needed to show that our cows are loved and respected everyday. They need to stay calm and know that they can trust us. So check it out!"

@gilmerdairy: Video evidence of #dairy #farming done right can be found at
@dairygoddess: Want to see how dairy cows are milked and taken care of Ck out
@brandfarms: The Conklin video shouldn't be brushed under the rug. People can't do that to ANY animal. No matter what species. I'm a dairy farmer.
@FARMERJEREMY: want to know more about your food? Volunteer at your local dairy farm!
@dairylu: Time to water baby calves again. w/temps above 80, cows and calves need Xtra care. The #dairy #farmers I know DO care.
@farmanddairy: #Dairy video from Ohio does NOT show actions of typical #farm workers. No dairy farmer would condone those actions.

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