In the past two issues of Progressive Dairyman, we have printed the pros and cons of MPC imports and shared some producer comments on the subject. To the right are some facts about the amount of MPCs imported (in 1,000 pounds) in 2009.

PD Poll exporters in 2009

To the left, top exporters of MPCs in 2009.

PD Poll past decade

PD Poll pie chart

And below right, the amount of MPCs imported (in 1,000 pounds) over the past decade.

One of the responses Progressive Dairyman received to the question, "Should foreign MPCs be used in food production in the U.S.?" was:
Not no - but "Hell No!"

Robert A. Lowe
Prescott, Kansas

Below left : Out of 193 votes, an overwhelming majority of readers do not want foreign MPCs in American food.



(Click the image above to view pro vs. con comments from previous issues of Progressive Dairyman )