This worker bee never shows up late or calls in sick. It quietly does its job consistently and reliably, pushing up refreshed feed to cows and delivering an extremely short payback period to farmers.

The DeLaval OptiDuo™ Robotic Feed Refresher is a fully automated system that pushes and remixes feed making cow rations more available and appealing, contributing to increased consumption and milk production. More visits to the feed bunk may also mean better cow traffic and less competition and stress while eating. 

Click here to watch the OptiDuo in action!

  • Get more milk! Up to 4.4 lbs more milk per day = ~USD 16,800 a year additional revenue*
  • Save up to USD 2,500 a year in labor*
  • Reduce weighback to 1%
  • Compatible with all types of feed
  • Operates safely with smart navigation system
  • Optional concentrate dispenser

*When OptiDuo performs at full capacity, which is 10 push-ups a day. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.