What will the tool do for me?

Through a user-friendly interface, the tool provides self-assessment questionnaires, an environmental footprint calculator and a beneficial management practices library (describing over 110 beneficial management practices).

The tool is full of useful information and resources on topics including:

  • Environmental stewardship (field operations and on-farm activities)

  • Farm management

  • Relationships in the local community

  • Employee well-being

  • Animal health and care

The Dairy Farms + action planning tool can be used to address priorities, build custom action plans and help farmers improve their sustainability over time – all at the speed that works for their farm.

The environmental life cycle assessment calculator is used to identify key environmental issues and to compare individual farm environment performance with the sector average.

The footprinter provides results such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and land use.


The tool supports dairy farmers in understanding sustainability issues and comparing their management practices with industry best practices.

It also offers a list of key resources that have additional information when wanting to take action on a specific issue or increase your understanding of the potential benefits of using certain practices.

The benchmarking portion of the tool can also be linked to the milk recording database to make it easier and faster to use. It is up to the user whether they want to link to this database or enter the data themselves.

How do I use the tool?

To use the tool, you need to set up an account. The tool is available online where you can log in or set up an account using the buttons at the top right of the screen.

For a more detailed guide, access the manual or watch the video that will guide you through how to set up an account and use the tool.

Be sure to visit the website to learn more about beneficial farm management practices, evaluate the practices being employed on your farm or to develop your own action plan for on-farm sustainability.  end mark

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