Southern Balancer is a composite breed of at least 25 percent Gelbvieh and from 6.25 to 50 percent of a tropically adapted breed or a combination of tropically adapted breeds. Specifically targeted to beef producers in the southern tier states and tropical regions, the program is unique in that any heat-tolerant or tropically adopted breed can be used to cross with Gelbvieh to create a Southern Balancer, AGA says. The suggested heat-tolerant breeds include Beefmaster, Braford, Brahman, Brangus, Red Brangus, Senepol and Santa Gertrudis.

Gelbvieh members in Mississippi and Arizona have been producing and marketing the Gelbvieh-heat tolerant cross with great success.

The strengths of both the heat- tolerant and Gelbvieh breeds make an ideal composite. Brahman-type cattle are highly maternal and have the ability to survive the heat and pest challenges of tropical and sub-tropical environments. The Gelbvieh breed is known for its maternal strengths of milk production, fertility, and producing more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed. Additionally, a cross with Gelbvieh has the potential to produce calves with maximum maternal heterosis, quieter dispositions and increased carcass consistency.  end_mark


From AGA press release