It also provides treatment for the bacterial pathogens associated with foot rot: Fusobacterium necrophorum and Porphyromonas levii.EXCEDE is still available in 100-mL vials.

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Holder secures cow’s head
The new head holder from Arrow Farmquip enables the handler to secure the cow’s head with just one action. It is intended for ear tagging, dehorning, mouthing or implants – anything that requires working on the head of a cow.

The release is simple with no chains or ratchets. The head holder is best used with the Q-Catch headgate.

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Hesston’s PTO-driven, three-tie balers
Hesston by Massey Ferguson, AGCO’s hay equipment brand, introduced the MF1844N and MF1844S balers to farmers during the 2013 World Ag Expo.

According to the company, these new PTO-driven balers are intended for commercial hay harvesters and livestock operations looking for dense, high-quality bales from an economical baler that requires little maintenance.

The MF1844S baler produces three-twine, 15-by-22-inch bales. The higher-capacity MF1844N builds slightly larger 16-by-22-inch bales.

Both models produce bales from 36 to 48 inches in length that weigh about 145 pounds in alfalfa, depending on how hydraulic density control is set.

Both new models feature hydraulic density control, which senses the resistance of the bales sliding through the bale chamber and sets the bale tension accordingly.

Harvesters can monitor bale density from the gauges on the back of the baler, and on the front shield, and adjust using the control box.

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Handy Camel clip seals large bags, creates carrying handle
The Handy Camel was designed to solve the problem of grappling with a heavy bag of feed that threatens to spill its contents everywhere. The product is a high-tech version of the “chip bag clips” found in many kitchens.

The 12-inch bag clip has a specially designed hinge closure system that makes it capable of sealing large bags. The built-in handle purportedly allows users to carry awkward bags with ease and can be adjusted for use as a pouring handle.

The product features rounded teeth on the interior of the clip to grip bags without tearing. To use it, open the clip and slide it sideways across the width of the bag to be sealed. Once the clip starts to close over the bag, the ratchet system will begin to lock the bag closed.

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Cattle Cabana shade structure for minimizing heat stress
Accu-Steel Fabric-Covered Building Solutions has introduced the Cattle Cabana livestock shade structure. The 50-foot-wide structure with center-post design is ideal for fenceline or feed apron applications.

A durable, HL13 fabric cover deflects heat and filters natural light to cattle, while edge ventilation maximizes airflow.

The structure features a series of four cables extending from the center of each bay to all corners – a design element that helps break up and inhibit the wave-type motion that can be created by extreme wind gusts.

The fabric cover is made with HYDRA-LOC technology, created with interwoven high-density polyethylene coated with low-density polyethylene.

Accu-Steel offers a 10-year factory warranty on HL13 fabric covers.

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