AGI and Neogen have collaborated in the development and implementation of genomic technology specifically for Angus breeders.

Genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) generated by AGI were launched for Angus cattle in September 2009, incorporating the first Igenity Profile results.

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0313pc newproduct 1STANDING HEAT announces new version of heat detection product

An updated version of Estrus AlerT heat detection patches, which were originally created in a scratch-off format, has been announced.

STANDING HEAT, which distributes the product, says the re-engineered version was developed by the same inventor as the original and is more effective.


The heat detection patches are applied to females before they come into standing heat or when they are given injections to synchronize their estrus cycles.

Another use is to apply after breeding or embryo implantation to monitor estrus return activity. The patch is placed on the rear backbone, between the hip and pinbone area.

The patches have a dark gray, rub-off surface with a bright signal layer underneath – red, fuchsia, green or yellow. This bright color begins to show through the gray layer after the first mounting. Additional mountings result in brighter, full-color exposure.

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Rub off heat detection system. Photo courtesy of STANDING HEAT.

Cattle Stats now offers blood-based bovine pregnancy test

Cattle Stats LLC, a BVD testing facility based in Oklahoma, is expanding its services to include an IDEXX-brand, blood-based pregnancy test used to detect open cows as early as 28 days post-breeding.

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APC adds to line of calf nutrition products

APC, Inc., a global manufacturer of functional proteins for animal nutrition, debuted its LIFELINE Protect Beef colostrum supplement at the 2013 National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show.

“Protect Beef is formulated with added fat and carbohydrates to give beef calves born in harsh conditions the burst of energy they need to stand and suckle,” said Beth Saxton, director of trade marketing for APC consumer products.

Protect Beef contains 50 grams of globulin protein. The company says that, when fed in addition to maternal colostrum, Protect Beef provides nutrition that leads to better performance.

Protect Beef is third in the lineup of LIFELINE calf nutrition products. LIFELINE Rescue colostrum replacer and LIFELINE Protect Dairy colostrum supplement have been available for 15 years.  end mark

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