Beef Cattle School kicks off Jan. 29 with presentations from two nationally known cattle experts who will discuss how crossbreeding can boost profits for producers and how genetic selection tools have contributed to the de-emphasis on heterosis by some commercial cow-calf producers, said John Grimes, beef coordinator for OSU Extension and a member of the OSU Extension Beef Team.

Lee Leachman of the Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado will discuss practical methods to adopt a crossbreeding program and making right-sized cows.

Nevil Speer, a professor of animal science at Western Kentucky University, will discuss heterosis and how advanced genetic selection tools, an evolving genetic base, and the growth of quality-driven markets have contributed to this phenomenon.

"The information presented during Beef Cattle School addresses some of the more pressing issues facing cow-calf producers today and is imperative for cattle producers who want to better prepare themselves for a profitable involvement in the beef industry," Grimes said.

"The information is especially relevant this year for producers looking to mitigate drought-related losses."


Topics covered during the Feb. 26 program include: "Squeezing Every Dollar out of Forage Production," presented by OSU Extension educators Rory Lewandowski and Chris Penrose. The discussion will focus on hay production, weed control, drought recovery and how to extend the grazing season.

Topics to be covered during the March 19 program include: "Enterprises to Remain Competitive in the Beef Industry," presented by OSU Extension educator Jeff McCutcheon and Grimes. The discussion will focus on production options such as backgrounding, stockering, targeting branded programs, raising replacement heifers, and raising embryo calves as unique marketing options.

Each program begins at 7 p.m. and can be viewed at several host locations statewide. Check with the local host for any reservation or registration information.

Those who can't attend the events at the host locations can participate online. Email Grimes to register. There is a $25 registration fee for the Internet link, which will be forwarded upon receipt of your payment and e-mail address.

Participants can send their names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and checks payable to "The Ohio State University" to John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator, 1864 Shyville Rd., Piketon, OH 45661.  end mark

—Information from The Lima News