Hayes offers advice applicable to both beef and dairy producers on the importance of protecting newborn calves from pathogens.

“In the first two weeks of life, scours is a common problem,” he says, adding that calves must be protected from E. coli, mycoplasma, coronavirus, rotavirus and cryptosporidium.
To promote early calf health and long-term productivity, Hayes encourages producers to complement colostrum feeding programs with a concentrated and targeted antibody product that protects against coronavirus and E. coli. In the video, he explains that producers should utilize products that can be fed without delaying colostrum feeding.
“The Immediate Immunity YouTube channel continues to be a valuable resource for all cattle producers,” says Bobbi (Kunde) Brockmann, director of sales and marketing with ImmuCell.

“It’s vital to the beef and dairy industries that producers and veterinarians share their experiences and learn from one another about newborn calf management. The actions we take on day one play a pivotal role in the growth and productivity of the calf’s future.”  end mark
—From ImmuCell news release


In the newest video addition to ImmuCell’s Immediate Immunity YouTube channel, Dr. Steve Hays discusses the importance of antibody supplement products. Photo courtesy of ImmuCell.