Duane Warden, owner of Warden Farms, is recognized as a leader in measuring individual intake since installing his first Pinpointer intake monitoring system in 1982. 

Warden’s program has produced ABS and industry leaders Ironwood NEW LEVEL, 4 POINT 8 of Ironwood, Ironwood INNOVATOR and Ironwood NEW ERA, whose conversion on test was an astounding 2.29 pounds of feed per pound of gain.
The group of two-year-old cows acquired include daughters of proven ABS Angus Sire Alliance feed efficiency standouts, 4 POINT 8, DAYBREAK, ALLIANCE I87, FORESIGHT and EXTRA K205. Many of these females have multiple generations of individual intake data and selection for efficiency. 

As a group, they posted an adjusted feed-to-gain ratio 25 percent better than their contemporaries, had an average Residual Feed Intake (RFI) of -2.54, and rank in the top 25 percent of the Angus breed for RADG (residual average daily gain) EPD (expected progeny difference).
“ABS selected these females to advance our research and product development specifically in the area of feed efficiency, states Doug Frank, ABS Global U.S. beef product manager. “They are a valuable addition to our long term commitment to progeny testing for intake and efficiency through the Angus Sire Alliance.”.
The ABS Angus Sire Alliance is a comprehensive progeny test of ABS Angus sires in a commercial, real world environment from birth to harvest. The 15-year program is an exclusive agreement between ABS and Circle A Ranch that continues to identify industry leading sires for efficiency and real world profit.
“I think the greatest part of the purchase is ABS’ willingness to take a risk like no other company by investing for the future and believing in the value of feed efficiency to continue our 30-plus years of research,” said Warden.
In future planning, the investment furthers research and development efforts to strengthen the ABS genetic offering. Adding value from the pasture to the plate and quality throughout the beef supply chain are top priorities.
“ABS Global is striving to identify and further develop not only improved genetics for efficiency but overall industry profitability to assist our customers in providing protein to a rapidly growing world population,” adds Frank.  end mark


—From ABS Global news release