BPI, the South Dakota company that produces lean finely textured beef, filed a $1.2 billion lawsuit against ABC News in mid-September. The lawsuit named three of its reporters and three sources for defamation against the company and its products. BPI had to close three facilities and cut more than 700 jobs after a widespread consumer backlash.

ABC’s coverage repeatedly used the term “pink slime” in its news coverage, a moniker the lawsuit claims did significant damage to the company, its products and its employees.

In the online poll, readers were asked what they thought of the BPI lawsuit. Eighty percent of those who responded called it “A good decision. BPI had to respond to ABC’s unbalanced and damaging coverage.

Another 11 percent said, “Hard to say. The case could take years of litigation only to fade from public memory.” Nine percent of respondents said it was, “A bad decision. BPI should have explained its procedures better than it did.”

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