This translates to CHB influencing the marketing of more than 350,000 head of cattle. Foodservice was the big winner with 27 percent growth and a total of 14 million pounds sold. Retail increased by 14 percent for a total of 33 million pounds sold. 

2012 proved to be a very successful year in both growth and exposure for the brand, says Craig Huffhines, American Hereford Association (AHA) executive vice president. CHB LLC is a subsidiary of the AHA with its fiscal year ending Aug. 31.

“The CHB brand continues to increase in recognition with the consumer,” Huffhines says. “This translates to increased benefits to CHB retailers and distributors who feature the CHB name and logo.”

One of the greatest areas of growth occurred with The Fresh Market, a specialty grocery retailer, currently with 124 locations in 24 states. 

“The Fresh Markets continues to buoy sales of CHB,” Huffhines says. 

In addition, retail growth of CHB occurred among many independent retailers in the west Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma markets, which are supplied by Affiliated Foods Inc., Amarillo, Texas. 


In addition, 244,624 head of cattle were certified through the program this fiscal year.

Currently CHB is offered in 253 retail supermarkets in 37 states, as well as 37 foodservice distribution centers serving restaurants in 25 states. Since the inception of CHB, 4.2 million head of cattle have been identified through licensed packing plants as meeting the live animal specifications to carry the CHB name. end mark

-- Certified Hereford Beef news release