This first ever gathering of Akaushi breeders, feeders, packers, retailers, restaurants, and consumers, is one of the most anticipated in the beef industry taking place at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa. The "All-In" aspect of how industry relations have combined to provide new and greater profitability through Akaushi, will be the highlight of this three-day event.

The "All-In" American Akaushi Association Convention will bring breeders, allied partners and consumers together for the first time in an event offering information, fellowship and fun with great family-style atmosphere.

Opening day events include a golf tournament, trade show, welcome reception and Taste of Akaushi dinner.

The full-day conference begins Saturday with Colin Woodall, vice president for government affairs at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, speaking of the post-election forecast for cattle issues in Washington.

Dr. Matt Chernie, DVM, will speak on the impact of higher-quality meat in the market, followed by Cassie Payne Webb and her presentation “Akaushi Food for Thought.”


Dr. Stephen Smith, professor of meat science at Texas A&M University, will present, “The Importance of Akaushi Beef in the American Diet,” with new research done on the Akaushi brand and fatty acid composition and melting points of meat.

General session speakers will also include Keith Bertrand from the University of Georgia, who will share new EPD programs and national genetic evaluations for EPDs.

Rounding out the speakers is a forum led by Bill Fielding, CEO of HeartBrand Beef, on the brand differences in the Akaushi breed and products. He will moderate a panel discussion on “The Greater Good of Akaushi.” Participants will be:

  • Austin Brown, producer from Brown Ranches, Beeville, Texas
  • Lanny Binger, feedlot operator from Bovina Feeders, Bovina, Texas
  • Trevor Caviness, packer, Caviness Beef Packers, Hereford, Texas
  • Jordan Beeman, distributor, HeartBrand Beef, Inc., Flatonia, Texas

Bubba Bain, executive director American Akaushi Association says, "there's something for everyone including a trade show, speakers, panel discussion, "fun auction," golf tournament, Taste of Akaushi, Country Church and HeartBrand Beef ranch tour.

Our story and our breed has the beef industry talking. We are extremely excited about this first convention."

Bubba Bain, offered some insight for the convention schedule and presentations.

What’s your top goal in bringing together Akaushi breeders and producers together for the first time?
Our goals in bringing producers together all fit within our mission to maintain, improve and protect the genetic benefits of Akaushi for the betterment of the entire cattle industry with a greater good to all consumers.

This means comparing experience, actual results, expressing ideas, listening to each other and putting ideas into a workable plan to keep moving forward.

We want to prove to all, with factual numbers, that Akaushi cattle are as efficient for all segments of our industry vs. any other cattle – plus marble quicker and, to a higher degree, create higher-quality and healthier meat to benefit the consumer. The result is better profits for the producer.

What do you hope people will take away from the conference?
They will all see the tremendous progress that has been made. All pieces are in place. They will meet with the feedlot management as well as the packing plant owner, plus meat distributors and customers.

All will give firsthand accounts of how Akaushi compares in each area. They will be able to ask any questions and give their ideas for any improvement or something new we should try.

They will know they are a part of something special, something important to the industry. We want them to leave with the desire to return again next year.

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—From American Akaushi Association news release