“Implementing these products together will give producers more options and allow them to feed one ration that contains both Rumensin and Pulmotil,” said Carl Guthrie, DVM and Elanco beef technical director. “This approval provides producers the combined benefits of two innovative, value-enhancing products ― the control of BRD that Pulmotil provides with the prevention and control of coccidiosis and feed efficiency improvements Rumensin delivers.”

Approved by the FDA in late 2011, Pulmotil is a BRD treatment for groups of cattle in the early stages of an outbreak that provides 14 days of sustained in-feed therapy, a practice that reduces stress associated with cattle handling. Pulmotil expands BRD control beyond the chute by providing another option for groups of cattle not requiring a metaphylaxis treatment on arrival and/or when labor resources are limited. By feeding Pulmotil, producers can reduce pulls, while requiring less individual animal management.

Similar to the prescription requirement for injectable products, the FDA requires a veterinarian to issue a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for the use of Pulmotil to help ensure veterinarian oversight and judicious use of Pulmotil according to the label use and feeding directions. The VFD process requires a coordinated effort by the veterinarian, producer, feed advisor and feed supplier. Elanco has developed a number of tools to help producers and their veterinarians implement a VFD. Step-by-step directions on how to fill a VFD form, including the combination approval section, can be found on this checklist.

“Since the initial approval of Pulmotil, we have been working with veterinarians and nutritionists to provide training on the VFD process and conducting further Pulmotil research trials,” said Guthrie. “Now we are making Pulmotil widely available to commercial operations, many of which will value the convenience of using Rumensin and Pulmotil together.” end_mark


-- Elanco news release