Vetericyn Plus is a product line of solutions indicated for wounds, pink eye, udder ailments and teat irritations. The technology platform offers a non-toxic and antibiotic-free solution that is highly effective in dermal cleaning and debriding, allowing for optimal healing conditions.

The new formulation includes a higher concentration of hypochlorous, making it up to three times as concentrated as the original product without requiring any withdrawal period.

Scott Van Winkle, director of animal health marketing at the company states, “Because it contains no antibiotics, it is safe to use and will not be harmful to milk production or beef.”

The company recently built a new, state-of-the-art, ISO certified manufacturing facility with a current production capacity of 4 million bottles of this new product a month and the ability to expand further.

Vetericyn Plus and Vetericyn VF Plus are available for over-the-counter and veterinary markets, respectively. For more information, visit the the product's website.  end mark


—From Innovacyn Inc. news release