This lactic acid bacteria strain was noted on this PBP document based on the peer-reviewed literature available to support its effectiveness against E. coli O157:H7. Two Micro-Cell products from Lallemand Animal Nutrition contain this proprietary strain – Micro-Cell LA and Micro-Cell Gold.

PBP documents are developed by subcommittees within BIFSCo – an organization that brings together representatives from all segments of the beef industry to develop industry-wide, science-based strategies to solve the problem of E. coli O157:H7 and other foodborne pathogens in beef.

“Producers have grown to trust Micro-Cell products for their ability to help improve feed efficiency and average daily gain in feedlot cattle, but perhaps more importantly, is the effect on pathogens like E. coli 0157:H7,” says Kerry Barling, global manager of beef technology for the company.“ L. acidophilus BT-1386 can help exclude pathogenic bacteria, naturally helping reduce E.coli and salmonella shedding.”

The two products containing this strain are marketed throughout the U.S.

  • Micro-Cell LA contains L. acidophilus BT-1386, which exhibits probiotic properties in the lower gut of beef cattle fed all types of rations.
  • Micro-Cell Gold is a proprietary combination of L. acidophilus BT-1386 and L. buchneri 40788 formulated to help cattle maximize the available nutrients from by-product feeds.

Prior to any addition to the pre-harvest PBP document, a BIFSCo subcommittee reviews scientific research to ensure a product or technology is proven to be efficacious against foodborne pathogens. Best practices are intended to serve as a resource for producers to help control foodborne pathogens at the pre-harvest level. Technologies, such as probiotics (also known as direct-fed microbials), are intended to be implemented in conjunction with animal husbandry and management practices. Then, pre-harvest controls set the stage for additional interventions throughout the food chain.


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—From Lallemand Animal Nutrition news release

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