In a recent poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “Which delivery method do you prefer for parasite control?”

Oral drench came in last place with only 2.2 percent of the vote. Oral paste was only slightly ahead with 3.3 percent of the total vote.

Around 5 percent of producers said that feed (blocks, cubes or minerals) was their primary method of parasite control. Compared with the oral parasite control options, injectable methods took a good chunk of the vote (18.5 percent).

However, pour-on parasite control seems to be the norm for Progressive Cattleman readers. With a whopping 70.7 percent, pour-on won the poll by a landslide.  end mark

Which delivery method do you prefer for parasite control?

  • Oral drench: 2.2%

  • Oral paste: 3.3%

  • Injectable: 18.5%

  • Pour-on: 70.7%

  • Feed (blocks, cubes or minerals): 5.4%