2015 Hall of Fame nominees:

Earl Brookover – Brookover Feed Yards
In 1947, Earl Brookover moved to Garden City, Kansas, seeking more refined irrigation methods that resulted in the infinite production of feed grains. He envisioned that the irrigated High Plains – with its grain potential and moderate climate – would be ideal for commercial cattle feeding. In 1951, Brookover built his first feedyard, successfully establishing his goal to meet the emerging demand for commercial cattle feeding.

Loren Doll – Irsik and Doll
Irsik and Doll was founded in 1961 by Loren Doll, his father and three other men. The company is now the seventh largest cattle-feeding entity in the U.S. and includes feedyards, grain elevators, a commercial feed mill and several integrated joint ventures. Doll retired from Irsik and Doll, but his continued support is still present today. In 1982, he formed Loren Doll Inc. – a corporation owned by Doll, his wife and their six children – and acquired Wilroads Feed Yard shortly thereafter.

James Herring – Friona Industries 
James Herring is the chairman and CEO of Friona Industries, a company that began as a single, small feedyard in 1962 and has progressed to become one of the leading cattle-feeding businesses in the world. Herring led an innovative approach to coordinate efforts of ranchers, cattle feeders, beef processors and retailers to enhance quality and consistency of beef. His work has made great strides in raising the competitive position of beef in an intense environment for consumer preferences.

Robert “Bob” Josserand – AzTx Cattle Co.
Bob Josserand is the chairman of the board and founder of AzTx Cattle Co., a family cattle operation with feedyards in Texas and Kansas. The AzTx Cattle Co. is known for developing a specialized branded beef program. Josserand has been a devoted member of the cattle-feeding industry and is a past president of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association and the National Cattlemen’s Association.


Carl Stevenson – Red Rock Feeding Co.
Carl Stevenson moved to Continental, Arizona, in 1951 at the request of Farmers Investment Company to begin a cattle-feeding operation. Under his reign, two feedyards were built with a total capacity of 18,000 head. In 1964, Stevenson went out on his own to purchase corrals in Red Rock, Arizona, which would hold 1,000 head. Today’s operation includes a 30,000-head capacity yard and farm ground in Red Rock and a leased yard in Willcox, Arizona.

Industry Leadership Award voting

In addition to the 2015 Hall of Fame nominees, voting also is open for the 2015 Industry Leadership Award nominees. The nominees for the Industry Leadership Award have contributed to the cattle-feeding industry through outstanding advocacy and leadership. Vote for one of the following nominees at the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame website.

2015 Hall of Fame Industry Leadership Award nominees:

Dr. Kenneth Eng has led a successful career as a pioneering consulting nutritionist and rancher. He became one of the early consulting nutritionists who helped boost the efficiencies of a surging commercial cattle-feeding industry in the Southern Plains and western U.S. In 2013, Eng started the Kenneth S. and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation, which provides an endowment of $2 million to fund research in cow efficiency.

Dr. Gary Smith is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in meat science and food safety. Throughout his career, Smith conducted applied research and solved problems related to food safety and meat science on behalf of state and federal associations across the country. Smith was author or co-author of more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and has to his credit more than 1,300 additional publications.

Topper Thorpe was the first market analyst hired by CattleFax and the company’s former CEO. In his 32-year tenure with the company, he helped thousands of CattleFax members with timely market forecasts for use in marketing, risk management and planning. During his leadership, CattleFax evolved with technology that accelerated the learning curve for producers. There is no man more associated with the words “cattle market” than Thorpe.

Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award

The Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame established an award to honor the heart and soul of the cattle-feeding industry – feedyard employees. The Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award was established in honor of the late, longtime employee of Poky Feeders. His role as a devoted employee, family man, friend and longtime member of the beef industry made him an ideal namesake for the award.

To nominate outstanding members of your feedyard operation, visit the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame website or you could email your nominations. Voting for the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees and the Industry Leadership Award nominees and nominations for the Arturo Armendariz Distinguished Service Award will close March 31.  end mark

—From Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame news release