Cooper david
Managing Editor / Progressive Cattle

The national female cow inventory – of cows and heifers that calved – went to 39 million, up 2 percent from 38.3 million in 2014.

The news confirms what analysts and forecasts had shown through much of the year, that heifers and cows were being retained for the sake of herd expansion. Good forage conditions in much of the country helped encourage heifer and cow retention, and high calf prices in record fashion have enabled producers to balance books while keeping herds intact.

The national calf crop was also up to 33.9 million head, a 1 percent increase over 2014. Last year’s calf crop was also up slightly over 2013.  end mark

Several other inventories of cattle showed increases as well over 2014 counts:

  • Beef cows, 29.7 million, up 2 percent
  • Milk cows, 9.3 million, up 1 percent
  • All heifers 500 pounds and over, 19.2 million, up 1 percent
  • Beef replacement heifers, 5.8 million, up 4 percent
  • Milk replacement heifers, 4.6 million, up 1 percent
  • Steers weighing 500 pounds and over, 15.8 million, up 1 percent
  • Bulls weighing 500 pounds and over, 2.1 million, up 3 percent
  • Calves under 500 pounds, 13.7 million, up 1 percent
  • Cattle and calves on feed for slaughter in all feedlots, 13.1 million, up 1 percent