Unlike conventional two‐piece tagging systems, this system features an applicator with a kickback jaw that automatically retracts once the tag has been inserted. This patented feature, combined with a flip-out pin, greatly reduces the risk of ripped or torn ears while contributing to faster healing and improved tag retention.

“Most livestock producers have experienced the drawbacks of conventional two‐piece tagging systems,” noted Stu Marsh, senior vice president of business development and marketing for the company. “An animal often jerks its head when the tag is inserted, and if you’re not quick enough in manually retracting the jaws, there’s a high risk of tearing the ear. But with our new system, the jaws automatically snap open once the tag is inserted. The result is a cleaner insertion site that heals faster with less risk of infection and a lower probability of lost tags.”

In addition to the tagger, the new tagging system features ear tags with greater flexibility, readability and durability. “While much of the credit for better retention goes to the tagger, our new Z2 tags feature flexible polyurethane panels that bend without breaking,” Marsh stated.

Marsh added that the new tags come in four different sizes (small, medium, large and maxi) and 14 different colors. Producers can choose from laser-printed or blank tags, with the readability of the laser-printed tags guaranteed for the life of the animal.

For more information about the new tagging system, visit the Z Tags website.


—From Datamars Inc. news release