The Kansas native and graduate of Kansas State University spent over a half century developing beef cattle improvements, most notably the adoption of artificial insemination and embryo transfer for seedstock production.

Gardiner and Gardiner Angus Ranch – a fourth-generation, family-owned ranch – teamed with several universities to continue A.I. and ET technologies, along with expected progeny difference, carcass ultrasound, feed efficiency and DNA-marker assisted genomics.

Henry Gardiner

Gardiner Angus Ranch was a founding member of U.S. Premium Beef in 1996 with the intent goal of marking higher performances on the grid for quality cattle. He was a member of numerous associations and received honors from numerous groups, including the Beef Improvement Federation’s Outstanding Commercial Producer of the Year (1981), Outstanding Seedstock Producer of the Year (1987) and Pioneer Award (1997). Other honors included accolades from NCBA, Kansas Farm Bureau, U.S. Premium Beef, Certified Angus Beef and Kansas State University.

Gardiner and his wife, Nan Arnold Gardiner, were together 57 years, with three sons and nine grandchildren, and a sister as survivors.  end mark


—Summarized by Progressive Cattleman staff from Gardiner Angus Ranch news release