Both strategic investments position the company to offer a more diversified product offering and capabilities to help customers sustain and grow their businesses. This includes the flagship brands customers have come to expect from Elanco, but also a comprehensive portfolio of nearly 300 brands encompassing therapeutics, vaccines, parasiticides, antimicrobials, surgical, enzymes, food safety and more.

Going forward, the company will significantly increase investment in research and development. The combined organization will have expanded capabilities and expertise with a broader portfolio of more than 100 product development projects focused on:

  • Protecting livestock from disease and parasites, improving animal well-being and reducing the environmental footprint of livestock production
  • Providing a broader set of solutions in areas such as enzymes, diagnostics, aquaculture and vaccines
  • Enhancing care and extending quality of life of pets, while preventing disease and protecting from parasites

Elanco is committed to helping producers around the world produce more food using fewer resources to meet the growing demand for animal protein while protecting the planet and well-being of animals.

“We’ll continually seek innovative ways we can support our customers’ business,” says Rob Aukerman, president of North American commercial operations for Elanco. “With increased technical services that combine our analytic and benchmarking tools with on-the-ground support, we'll be able to spend more time with individual customers seeking innovative solutions that can make a difference in their business.”

The complete integration of the businesses will take time, but the company will strive to make the transition seamless. For the foreseeable future, business will continue in much the same way, including product ordering and customer support. Availability and access to products will continue uninterrupted.


—From Elanco news release