“The new WorkPro Series of blades is a high-quality, versatile design with more options and features than any other compact blade we know of on the market,” said Chris Newman, ANBO president.

The blades can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements for machine size and horsepower. The blades are lightweight (245-350 pounds) and can be offered in a broad range of widths, from 3 feet to 8 feet, to accommodate a variety of machines and tasks.

These blades come standard with a 25-inch high moldboard and a five-position manual adjustment for angles up to 30 degrees left and right. The blade is available with hydraulic angle as well. Anyone purchasing the manual blade can upgrade the same blade with the hydraulic kit. If the machine does not have a third function for hydraulics, ANBO can supply a diverter valve to allow full hydraulic function.

A high-carbon steel, replaceable cutting edge comes standard, but the blade can also be fitted with a rubber cutting edge for softer surfaces, driveways and parking lots. Spring-trip tension can be varied by adjusting the number of springs that are installed. The blade comes standard with two springs for typical snowplow use, but a third spring can be easily added for gravel and road work. All WorkPro models come standard with abrasion resistant skid shoes.

As with all the company’s attachments, the blade series has a wide range of standard mounts. In addition, the company will customize mounts to fit any tractor, loader or skid steer. Company technicians will set up the blade to ensure that it is ready to hook up and go to work immediately upon delivery.  end mark


—From ANBO Manufacturing news release

Photo provided by ANBO Manufacturing.