According to the NFU infographic, the cost of the beef patty for the cheeseburger was about $1.52, of which beef producers received about $.32.

The slice of cheese was valued at $.22, with dairy farmers getting about $.06. Wheat growers received a penny from the $.37 bun.

4th of July Farmer's Share

“It is a common misconception that producers are driving up the price of food and getting rich off consumers’ food purchases, but that’s not true,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “There is a difference between the price of food at the grocery store and the market price of commodities. The majority of food costs account for all the steps of getting the food from the farm gate to your plate, while the family farmers and ranchers who actually produce your food receive pennies of the dollar.”

Farmer’s share about 17 percent

Based on May 2016 prices from the USDA, U.S. farmers and ranchers received about $.174 for every $1 spent by consumers at the retail level. More than $.80 went for marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing, according to the NFU.

The Farmer's Share

In May, the producer’s share of a pound of top sirloin steak, selling for $9.89 at retail, was $2.06.


A producer’s share of a gallon of fat-free milk, selling for $3.89 at retail, was $1.25.  end mark

See The Farmer’s Share from the National Farmers Union.

—From National Farmers Union news release