In a recent online poll, Progressive Cattleman asked, “Do you have a drought plan in place?”

In a combined vote, the majority (53 percent) said they do not have a drought plan in place. Twenty percent said, “No, but I need one.” And another 20 percent said, “No, it's a bunch of baloney.” The remaining 13 percent said they haven’t considered it.

However, 47 percent of the readers said they did implement a drought plan, and it helped their operation. No one said it didn’t help.  end mark

Do you have a drought plan in place?

  • Yes, it's helped my operation: 47%

  • Yes, but it didn't help: 0%

  • No, but I need one: 20%

  • No, it's a bunch of baloney: 20%

  • I haven't considered it: 13%