The product is an exclusive product of Tagem, a division of Ramsay Engineering Ltd. in South Africa. The company has been developing several lines of ear tags for domesticated and free-range animals since 1980, with their primary markets existing outside the U.S.

reflective ear tags

The devices have a high-intensity embedded reflective strip in each tag the company claims becomes “as clear as day” when reflecting the light of an oncoming car or truck.

The reflective tags are designed to be highly resistant to snagging on brush or fences and have a patented double-locking mechanism to keep the tag securely fastened to the ear of each animal.

According to customers, the tags not only protect livestock and motorists but also makes it easier to round up the herd in twilight and night conditions.

Key Ranch Solutions market their exclusive tags online and by phone. They expect their market to grow dramatically as ranchers and insurance companies become aware of their cost-saving value.  end mark


Their website is Key Ranch Solutions and their phone number is (208) 420-7575.

PHOTO: Photo courtesy of Key Ranch Solutions.