At a special delegate meeting held June 22, Accelerated Genetics officials voted in favor of uniting Select Sires Inc. and Accelerated Genetics, formally finalizing the agreement recommended by both cooperatives’ boards of directors.

“Accelerated Genetics has been searching for a partner who could enhance the business and move it forward,” stated Scott Dahlk, Accelerated Genetics board chair. He continued by adding, “Joining forces with Select Sires is a positive move for both member-owners and producers worldwide.”

The official agreement states Select Sires will acquire all Accelerated Genetics assets, integrating employees and independent sales representatives in each of their geographic member organizations. The decision to merge coincides with an already collaborative business relationship between the two cooperatives that began in 2001, where each company shares ownership of World Wide Sires Ltd. World Wide Sires serves as the international marketing arm for both companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

“By working together we will be stronger,” said David Thorbahn, Select Sires Inc., president and chief executive officer. “The value and expertise gained by joining the people from both organizations allows us to offer our customers a broader genetics program in addition to an outstanding animal health product line. It’s very exciting to work together [with the Accelerated Genetics team], enabling our organization the ability to expand genetic research, technical support, service and programs with people who are passionate about the dairy and beef industries.”

Accelerated Genetics and Select Sires Inc. are built upon the same cooperative business principles and share similar operating structures. Each organization stems from a root of innovative breeders, who had a common vision to move the dairy and beef industries forward. Both cultures value the input of their member-owners and recognize the importance of their guidance in driving the need to produce superior genetics and outstanding reproductive programs.


The unification of both cooperatives will create a well-rounded genetics program and solution-based animal health care product line that will fit the needs of dairy and beef producers worldwide. Producers can expect to continue working with highly qualified, passionate individuals, who know and understand the cattle breeding industry.  end mark

—From Accelerated Genetics news release