Tarter continues to build on its success with the introduction of its newest entry into the line, the Cattlemaster Series 12 Hydraulic Chute. This chute’s size, weight, functionality, ease-of-use and affordability make it an excellent choice for a wide range of target cattle groups.

Donald Tarter, co-owner of Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, has three of these chutes in operation on his farm.

“As the average age of the cattleman continues to rise and the ability to find on-the-farm labor gets less and less, this new hydraulic chute provides a unique level of ease in cattle chutes,” Tarter said.

The design of the hydraulic chute is simple, as is operation. With a basic yet strong three-lever operation for headgate, tailgate and squeeze, this innovative design allows for an easily adjustable frame.

The hydraulics run on standard 110V so the chute can quickly be plugged in and ready to work. The chute’s integrated hydraulic tank located within the frame of the chute allows for ease of checking and maintenance, with a simple dipstick and filter configuration.


This chute also features split kick pans, which are removed easily and give great low animal access. In addition, the chute’s side exits allow for convenient sorting and exiting larger animals.

Another unique feature of this hydraulic chute is its ratcheting “backup bar,” which enables cattlemen to move animals forward safely.

“Anyone who ever uses a hydraulic chute will be amazed at how much easier it is for working cattle and will never go back to a manual chute,” Tarter said.

“And with a price that is not that much more than many high-end manual chutes, it puts this chute in affordable reach of more cattlemen than ever.”  end mark

—From Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment news release